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The Real Estate

Commissioned by Italia Conti

Production rights available through Nick Hern Books:

A tower block in central London has been bought by private developers who plan to raise rents, forcing the current tenants out.


But the residents won't give up their homes that easily. Recruiting the help of a film crew already shooting on the estate they take on big business, and come face to face with their history in the process.

A play for 32 actors.

Original production:

Italia Conti Academy

June 14th - 17th 2017 


Further productions include:

ICT Brighton

Spring 2022

Latymer Upper School, London

December 2022

LMA - London

Spring 2024

Chester Univeristy

Spring 2024

Preston College

Spring 2024

Canterbury Academy

Spring 2024

New College, Lanarkshire

Spring 2024

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